Thursday, June 23, 2011


Schneider, A.S.  (2011, June 21). Many Eager to Use Nano in Food, But Few Admit   It. Food Safety News, Retrieved on June 23, 2011, from  
              In this article, the author wants to say that all things have advantages and disadvantages. On other words, he wants to say that nanotechnology isn't always good, sometimes is bad. Nanotechnology can help us to "make food seed more bug-resistant, enhance protection against pathogens, monitor spoilage or aid in traceability with food-packaging sensors or bolster flavoring and increase shelf life" as the author said . Also, it helps us keep food fresh and tasty, and it used in many areas. Hence, it may "penetrate the skin, lungs and pass through the all-important blood-brain barrier" as the writer said. Also, it causes cancer and leads to death sometimes. Additionally, nano products lead to diseases and destroy DNA. Consequently, many people in U.S are feared from nanotechnology and its effect.


       The first thing I would say that this article is a very important article because it discussed nanotechnology, which is important in my major. Nanotechnology is a partnership between the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Pew Charitable Trusts. I would say that naturally occurring nanoparticles are useful and harmless; you can find it in your food! However, when an engineering, special person, started changing nanoparticles and changing its atom, they made it not harm and useless. Actually, I got a lot of information from this article. In any case, I will research about nano, and I will try to find a method to know what’s wrong with it. Actually, in the future, I am trying to find the solution of many problems in my major because some chemical engineers have the ability to figure out what happens around him. I understand that I will accomplish my target in chemical engineering if I focus in my study and pay more attention on my major. The purpose of studying chemical engineering isn’t only to get money and job, but also to help and protect our environment and our countries.


Hurley, V.H.  (2011, June 13). Area kids and businesses fighting plastic bags. Central Jersey Local NJ News, retrieved on June 16, 2011, from

              According to this article, Sustainable Princeton’s BYOBag is a campaign that launched Thursday evening. This campaign is going to change people's habit of using plastic bags and the world. Reusable bags are very good for our environment and for businesses in the same time. Lorrie Janick, a businessman, created a new idea offers recyclable garment bags for customers, and people like it. Hence, people help this campaign by many ways such as downtown businesspeople help by putting their garments on the counter, and some people help by using the same bag many times. There are many companies encourage their customers and their employees by giving them money for each bag they bring it for the company, or they use it over and over. This campaign educates customer and merchants, because the impact of a merchant is stronger than the impact of a customer. However, there are many countries banned the use of plastic bags, and some countries taxed it. Anyway, children have good and easy ways how to use plastic bags.

        No doubt those plastic bags are very bad, but we use it daily to carry our stuff and food. In my mind, I thought that plastic bag just a small bag; it can't affect our environment, but when I read article, I just knew what they were talking about. I understood that plastic bags will change our life in the future, and our children's lives. However, I am so glad that I will be a chemical engineering soon  because chemical engineering can save the enviro-nment! Chemical engineering can make many things more environmentally friendly. Additionally, Chemical engineering can make medicine to help patients. Therefore, in the future, I can help a lot of people and my environment in the same time. Maybe I will make an environmentally friendly new thing that we can use it instead of a plastic bag to carry our stuff, or maybe I will discover how to make plastic useful. I really would like to be a chemical engineering because in the chemical engineer you have the ability to discover a good and recent thing that basically will help your environment.    

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ornes, S.T. (2011, May 17). Battling addictions with engineering algorithms. ASU News, Retrieved on Jun 7, 2011, from
          According to this article, chemical engineers creaded and made many important things in our life. Also, chemical engineers can help us to find the solution of our addictions and behavior disorder, but most of us don't believe that. Daniel Rivera, a professor of chemical engineering, and other researchers are mixing and comparing between control systems engineering and behavioral health intervetions. Experts in behavioral health just know that the treatment we provide has to be adjusted to participant response, and they is key, so engineers do it. When control systems automatically adjust variables based on measured outcomes, a dosage has to be changed. Anyway, the intervention changes a families' lives. It's a method called "dynamical systens mode". It's used to provide a good job for parents. Also, Rivera added that adaptive interventions are effective and can be used through mobile devices. In addition, Jack Chisum, professor in ASU's College of Nursing and Health Innovation, said that influencing behavior is very hard for parents; however, he found that having appointments 3 times a week is a very effective method for patients to improve patient success, but people don't like it because messages approach is easier than this technique.
       Actually, I was confused when I read this article the first time. I though that it was a fancy article because I haven't ever heard or read about the relationship between chemical engineering and adiction or patients. Hence, I have learned from this amazing article that experts in behavioral health use ideas from engineering to find the best way for adaptive interventions. Experts in behavioral health have many ways for that, but they want an effective technique. Therefore, they are using ideas from engineering. Also, I find that chemical engineering can help us to quit and to be away from addiction. In addition, I figure out that people like easy method and not a difficult approach because they want to be treated for their addiction easily. Anyway, I like this article because it tells me that I can help people and save their lives. 

Friday, June 10, 2011


Ornes, S.T. (2011, May 25). Sunlight worsens jet pollution. Science News, Retrieved on May 31, 2011,

         According to this article, there are a lot of planes and cars in the world. Planes and cars "add up to a lot of pollution produced" as Stephen Ormes said. Robinson is a mechanical engineer. He did a new study, with colleagues, that study was about catching and measuring that pollution. After that, they put it under the sun and measured it again. They found that the pollution was changing; they found that it's more harmfil now. They used something called "the smog chamber" to catch and measure the pollution. As a result, they found that the people who work in the airport are at risk, because they are more likely to breath the pollution. So, they will have heath problems in their future lives. Hence, the airport will be a huge problem soon.
       I was surprised when I read this strange artical. It's really a surprising article. I haven't ever heard information like this in my whole lofe. Anyway, pollution isn't a new issue. I know and we know that pollution is harmful and bad for us. I feel like it's a really huge problem if we didn't do anything. As I read in that article that if we put pollution under the sun the pollution will be changing. That's really surprsing me. I wonder how that happens. Even so, the main thing that I don't like in this article is what will happen to the people who work there. As I read , I understand that they will get many diseases. As a result, they will have bad health and a bad life in their future life.